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  • Bb892 Spiritual Abuse

    10 Ways to Spot Spiritual Abuse

    Spiritually abusive ministries: Have a distorted view of respect. They forget the simple adage that respect is earned, not granted. Abusive leaders demand respect without having earned it by good, honest living. Demand allegiance as proof of the follower’s allegiance to Christ. It’s either his/her …

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  • Maxresdefault 4

    My Sign Language Angel: She Had Wings

    As I sang the beautiful words to the praise song, “Cornerstone,” I watched her body move in graceful, powerful sign language. She had wings.* Now, I’m not saying she was literally an angel, although that’s not an impossibility. Many angels have appeared in human form …

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    End The Shame Game: 3 Ways To Help Your Child Heal From Sexual Abuse

    Shame is a difficult emotion to deal with any time, but nowhere is it more debilitating than in the context of child sexual abuse. It is not uncommon for abusers to tell their victims that they – the children — were somehow at fault for …

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