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  • Monday Morning Reality Of The Resurrection Article

    God’s 5 Favorite Words that begin with “F” – #3 Forever

    Another word in scripture that begins with “F” is forever. There are over 400 references to this word. Psalms alone has 145. Many of them refer to God. He will be the King forever, His love endures forever, His throne will stand forever, and God …

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  • LwcF CRD Mus PROD005213127 It Is Finished Clipart JPG COLOR

    God’s 5 Favorite Words that begin with “F” – #2 FINISHED

    This week, as I was thinking about the death of Christ on the cross, another word beginning with “F” came to mind. Jesus’ last words on the cross in John 19:30 were, “It is FINISHED.” The battle was won. The great work of redemption was accomplished. …

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  • Flight Into Egypt 958701 Gallery

    The Christmas Story 11: The Flight to Egypt

    See Matthew 2:13-15 Immediately after the magi departed, the angel appeared to Joseph the second time and told him to leave that very night for Egypt because Herod was going to try to kill Jesus.  Joseph instantly obeyed. Picture the scene? Mary, the toddler Jesus, …

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  • Copy Of 1956176 F520

    The Christmas Story 10: Magi Visit Toddler Jesus

    What do we know about the Magi’s visit to worship the Jesus? Tradition tells us there were three Magi, probably because of the three gifts, but we really don’t know how many there were. We don’t know their race, their religion, or their origin. Various …

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  • P02clsl3

    The Christmas Story 9: Mary Entertains the Magi

    Matthew 2:1-12 More strange happenings, Mary entertains visitors, very rich visitors. The Magi know a very important king had been born and they came to worship Him. “The ancient world correlated the birth of important men or events with astrological occurrences. God revealed to them …

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  • 004 Shepherds Angels

    The Christmas Story 8: Shepherd’s Visit

    Luke 2:8-20 The angels were bursting with joy at the birth of Jesus.  They wanted the world to know Jesus had come.  But who would listen?  Who would hear?  The religious leaders were not interested. The people, in general were consumed with the burden of their …

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  • MaryBabyJesus

    The Christmas Story 7: What is the Meaning of Inn

    What about the word inn? How would this apply if Joseph and Mary were taken into a private home at the birth of Jesus as was mentioned? To Western ears. the statement, “no room in the inn,” brings to mind an inn (like a hotel) with …

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  • 22Birth Of JesusF

    The Christmas Story 6: What’s the Meaning of Manger?

    What does the statement, she “laid him in a manger mean?” To our way of thinking, the word manger invokes the image of stable or barn.  But, in first century Palestine, this was not the case. Only the rich had separate stables or barns.  The homes …

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  • Jesus Of Nazareth Joseph Jesus Of Nazareth 30770580 432 334

    The Christmas Story 3: Joseph Visited by an Angel

    Read Matthew 1:18-25 When Joseph learned about the pregnancy, he was very troubled.  Imagine his disappointment and distress.  When someone we love and trust betrays us, there is great pain.  After all, she had just returned from a trip.  She was gone from the village and her …

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  • Fire

    The Holy Spirit Falls on Mary – Series 31

    This is the final post of Mary’s story. It has been a pleasure sharing her amazing story. I hope it blessed and inspired you. Taken from Acts 1:12-14 and Acts 2:1-4. After the resurrection, Jesus spent forty days appearing to many of his followers (over …

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