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    Roxi, a therapy dog, helps child victims of abuse

    The Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach treats 300 children each year who are victims of abuse. Now, the center has a way to make children’s visits a tiny bit easier. Roxy, a certified therapy dog who loves kids, is the newest addition to the …

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    Healing and Finding Joy After Domestic Abuse

    Many think overcoming abuse equals leaving the abuser. But leaving does not heal the anguish and pain automatically. Sure, removing yourself from an abusive situation is an important step; however, it’s only the beginning. There are no set rules to re-finding the joys of life. …

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    “Recovering from Childhood Abuse: Powerful Strategies for Healing” is HERE!

    My new book is out! If you are an adult who was abused as a child, this book contains powerful strategies for healing. You will learn about all kinds of abuse, its effects, the stages of healing, and what you can specifically do to move …

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    Journey of Freedom from the Betrayal of Abuse

    Peggy Oliveira – Survivor, Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Blogger spreading the message of hope for healing from childhood abuse. I lived my entire childhood and young adult life feeling incredible hopelessness and shame. I lived with constant worry and self-doubt. I couldn’t imagine ever feeling differently. I …

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    Six Steps for Healing From Child Sexual Abuse

    I remember the day I knew I wasn’t crazy. My dad, who had a black belt in manipulation, was the strategist behind the custody war for my children – on behalf of my soon to be ex-husband. At the heart of this maelstrom, lay my …

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    The Healing Powers Of Christian Faith

    Inspirational woman shares her harrowing testimony about surviving sexual abuse THE ISSUE of sexual abuse is not often discussed in the black community, but one woman who’s talking about it from the perspective of being healed of the scars is Christian, Coral Cooper. She serves …

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    Healing From Child Sexual Abuse: Let Yourself Grieve, Get Angry

    by Eirliani Abdul Rahman  Healing is not a linear process. You may revisit a particular issue, say, the fear of intimacy, as you begin a new relationship. Or you may have to learn to set limits with your children if you have always had issues …

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    The day I realized the child abuse I suffered wasn’t my fault – Anonymous

    This is a story from a woman in the UK. Denial is a funny thing, isn’t it? I’m sitting at a dinner party, freshly wounded from a failed relationship, and someone is talking drunkenly about Jimmy Savile. “Well all those people who have come forward …

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    A Leap in the Dark

    “To a survivor, breaking their silence feels like a leap in the dark; the consequences cannot be predicted. Speaking about the abuse brings considerable shame in its wake. However, telling is the only way through the shame and taking that leap is transformative. Over and over I’ve seen …

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  • Grateful

    Feeling Grateful Found to be an Important Part of the Process of Leaving an Abusive Relationship

    Victims of domestic abuse need to know that gratitude is the key to healing, urges domestic abuse support organisation, Rainbows Empowering Women. “It’s common for women to feel sad, angry, scared and disempowered after leaving an abusive relationship, but they will find the healing in …

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