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    Early Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

    People that abuse others are masters of manipulation, and generally do not want their abusive behaviors displayed for all to see. The mask worn by these people “draws you in,” they feel so right in the beginning! Behind that mask lies ugliness that has no …

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    New Australian domestic violence guidelines include ‘social abuse’ such as silent treatment and withholding affection

    It would be great if we had a clearer definition of social and emotional abuse for judges. We are mostly still locked into the belief that unless it’s physical, it’s not abuse. News from Australia: NEW domestic violence guidelines in Australia designed to help judges and …

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  • Nurse Holding Head In Hand In Hospital

    Nurses 3 times more likely to be victims of domestic abuse

    Nurses are three times more likely to suffer domestic abuse than the general public, shocking research has revealed. Former nurse Claire Richards, of the National Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence and Abuse, was “troubled” by the research results. “It’s very much about …

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  • Helping Hand 0

    How To Help Someone Going Through Domestic Abuse (From A Survivor)

    My iPhone vibrates. “Just got your call! Emergency or mistake?” I’ve never been more grateful to receive a text. It’s 3 a.m., I’m shaking in the cold, and he’s leaving menacing voicemails. Twenty minutes ago, I was dragged out of bed. He’d come in the …

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  • Dv2

    What is Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is the mistreatment of one family member or intimate partner by another.  The abuse can be physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and psychological.  Most often (but not always) the persons who abuse are men.  Most often (but not always) the victims of abuse are …

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    Ten Ways Every Church Ought to Combat Abuse

    by Kyndall Rae Rothaus A list of concrete, easy things every pastor and/or church can (and ought) to do. Every time (and I do mean every time) you preach or teach on marriage, divorce or relationships, always include a section where you acknowledge publicly that some people …

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  • Shattered

    A Requiem for TC – Guest Blog by Robin Gilbert Luftig

    I’m so blessed to have Robin Gilbert Luftig as a a guest blogger. Please see her bio and book information at the end of the post. This is a powerful sobering story. Thank-you Robin for sharing it with us.      A Requiem for TC …

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