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    Mental Disorders Linked to Occult Rituals and Involvement, New Study Finds

    When it comes to mental disorders and psychology, occult involvement is an overlooked area.  Typical, in the psychiatric and psychological profession, many mental disorders — like depression and psychopathy — are not ordinarily associated with the occult. Nevertheless, mysticism, spirituality, and religion share some of the main themes …

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    Healthy relationships may prevent depression in child abuse survivors

    (Reuters Health) – Child abuse survivors who find stable romantic relationships as adults may also find that these relationships help protect against depression, a study suggests. Researchers followed a group of 485 young adults in Rochester, New York, for 12 years to see how exposure …

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    Childhood Abuse Delays Recovery from Depression In Adults

    By RICK NAUERT PHD  Emerging research suggests remission from depression is slowed in adults who have experienced childhood physical abuse or parental addictions. University of Toronto investigators examined a range of factors associated with remission in a sample of 1,128 depressed Canadian adults, drawn from the National …

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