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  • Foolishness WDGSA

    God’s 5 Favorite Words that Begin with “F” – #4 Foolishness

    Foolishness is one of God’s words beginning with “F.” Now you might say, “That’s not one of God’s words.” Well, Jesus used the word several times as a warning, “But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds …

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    Most Blessed among Women is Jael

    Jael lay down on the thick wool-stuffed mattress with a loud sigh. She was tired – tired of life. Everywhere she turned there was trouble. Recently her neighbor’s herd of cows was stolen and the servant tending them was killed. A few month ago, her …

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  • Old Stone Wall

    Solid Rock

    I’ve have been thinking a lot about rocks. I’ve loved rocks ever since I was a child. My earliest memory of stones is when I was four and lived in Townshend, VT. Standing on a wooden bridge near my home, I would throw stones into …

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    God’s Gift of Sisterhood

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between Elizabeth and Mary. Here is an excerpt from my book: “What a wonderful gift God gives to each of these two women. The gift of each other! Each can affirm and strengthen the other’s faith. They …

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  • AnnatheProphetess

    Anna, the Prophet

    Anna was a female prophet. What is a prophet? Often, we think of a prophet as someone who gives a prediction about the future. Most prophets didn’t tell the future. Instead, they were a mouthpiece for God, declaring and interpreting God’s message.  Anna is the first prophet mentioned …

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