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  • Marymid Nicsue 12

    God’s Five Favorite “F” Words – begin with faith

    This week I’ve been drawn to scripture words beginning with “F.” It seems they were jumping out at me. Then, this title came to me. I was going to reject it, but I realized that redeeming words and phrases for God’s glory delights me. As I …

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    Early Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

    People that abuse others are masters of manipulation, and generally do not want their abusive behaviors displayed for all to see. The mask worn by these people “draws you in,” they feel so right in the beginning! Behind that mask lies ugliness that has no …

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  • D8023fba 2bb5 4e90 B13c 9918109f228d Large16x9 WPDE Roxythetherapydog 3 2.28.17 1

    Roxi, a therapy dog, helps child victims of abuse

    The Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach treats 300 children each year who are victims of abuse. Now, the center has a way to make children’s visits a tiny bit easier. Roxy, a certified therapy dog who loves kids, is the newest addition to the …

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  • Cast 1080x500

    Cease Striving – Psalm 46:10

    This is part two of the series on Psalm 46:10. How do we successfully deal with the issues of life? Our instinct is to strive, wrestle, and struggle to solve our difficulties. The Psalmist says, “cease striving.” The Hebrew word means to “let your hands …

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    Mental Disorders Linked to Occult Rituals and Involvement, New Study Finds

    When it comes to mental disorders and psychology, occult involvement is an overlooked area.  Typical, in the psychiatric and psychological profession, many mental disorders — like depression and psychopathy — are not ordinarily associated with the occult. Nevertheless, mysticism, spirituality, and religion share some of the main themes …

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  • Good Friend

    Be Still, Slow Down

    Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 Today is the beginning of a two-part series on Psalm 46:10. The first thing that comes to mind is how different our world is from the first words of the text, “Be still.” What a …

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    New Australian domestic violence guidelines include ‘social abuse’ such as silent treatment and withholding affection

    It would be great if we had a clearer definition of social and emotional abuse for judges. We are mostly still locked into the belief that unless it’s physical, it’s not abuse. News from Australia: NEW domestic violence guidelines in Australia designed to help judges and …

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  • 010 Lumo Zacchaeus

    Radical Forgiveness Sermon at Arlington SDA Church, TX

    This is the sermon I preached at the Arlington Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Arlington TX on October 15, 2016. Some of the material is taken from a book on forgiveness that I authored for Adventist Source. Here is the link to the Bible Study book, The …

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  • 54ecae5fe4056

    Healing and Finding Joy After Domestic Abuse

    Many think overcoming abuse equals leaving the abuser. But leaving does not heal the anguish and pain automatically. Sure, removing yourself from an abusive situation is an important step; however, it’s only the beginning. There are no set rules to re-finding the joys of life. …

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  • Self Hug To Calm A Child

    God’s Eighth (and last) Emotional Law is Self-Love

    God’s Eighth (and final) Emotional Law is perhaps the most controversial. It is Self-Love vs. Selfishness. The dictionary defines love as a strong deep feeling of attachment, fondness and great affection, a merciful attitude. Selfishness, on the other hand, is caring only for one’s own …

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