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  • Self Hug To Calm A Child

    God’s Eighth (and last) Emotional Law is Self-Love

    God’s Eighth (and final) Emotional Law is perhaps the most controversial. It is Self-Love vs. Selfishness. The dictionary defines love as a strong deep feeling of attachment, fondness and great affection, a merciful attitude. Selfishness, on the other hand, is caring only for one’s own …

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  • Self Improvement Wordle

    God’s Seventh Emotional Law – Self-improvement

    Development, change, and growth are all part of the seventh emotional law called self-improvement. This is not a “pull myself up by my own bootstraps” thing, but a natural and gradual development. Hebrews 10:14 says, “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those …

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  • Lamentations 3 40

    God’s Sixth Emotional Law is Self-Examination

    Self-Examination is about reflection, soul-searching, heart-searching and self-criticism. Lamentations 3:40 says, “Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” So, examining our ways and testing them will help us see our need to grow in the Lord.  If …

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  • Heart Stones

    God’s Fifth Emotional Law is Self-Care

    Generally, we are not good at taking care of ourselves. Either we feel unworthy of self-care, guilty for saying no to someone in order to give self-care, or we avoid ourselves and our needs by focusing on others. Many of us were not cared for …

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  • Confidence Farzana Featured 1024x489

    God’s Fourth Emotional Law is Self-Confidence

    The fourth Emotional Law is self-confidence. This law might seem controversial. We may ask, “Are we supposed to have self-confidence? I thought we were supposed to place our confidence in God.” I would say both are important. Paul said to the church at Philippi, “We …

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  • Endorphins Brain Levels

    People with More Friends Have Higher Pain Thresholds

    People with a larger circle of friends are better able to tolerate pain, according to research into the pain thresholds and social networks of volunteers. The link is thought to be based in a system of the brain that involves endorphins: potent pain-killing chemicals produced by …

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  • Samaritan Woman At The Well01sm

    Samaritan Woman – Part 3

    Part 3 of a 10-part series on the Samaritan Woman taken from the book I’m writing, Women of the Good News: a Readable Bible Commentary on the Women of the Gospels. Jesus said to her, “Go, call your husband, and come here.” The woman answered and …

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  • Forgive

    Take back your power and forgive, says TEARS ambassador Candice Mama

    Candice Mama was drawn into the spotlight in 2014 when she extended an olive branch to former Vlakplaas commander, Eugene de Kock, the man responsible for her father’s murder in 1992, when she was just eight months old. Now, as a TEARS Foundation ambassador, she …

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  • Dollarphotoclub 60467309

    A Leap in the Dark

    “To a survivor, breaking their silence feels like a leap in the dark; the consequences cannot be predicted. Speaking about the abuse brings considerable shame in its wake. However, telling is the only way through the shame and taking that leap is transformative. Over and over I’ve seen …

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  • Dep2

    Child abuse victims live ‘shorter lives’ than other children

    People who have been abused as children live shorter lives than those who have not been abused, a psychiatrist has told a royal commission. Dr Carolyn Quadrio, from the UNSW School of Psychiatry, said on Monday that children who have been abused have a life …

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