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    Visiting Holbrook Indian School

    Our kids, Loren and Diana, are ministering at Holbrook Indian School and we’re visiting them for a couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to speak to the Sophomore and Junior/Senior Bible Classes this morning about how to have a relationship with God. It was an …

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  • SojournerTruth E1416933637125

    Sojourner Truth

    Today, May 29, in 1797, was the birthday of Sojourner Truth. She was born Isabella Baumfree and called by the nickname, Bell. Her parents were slaves in Ulster County, New York about 95 miles north of New York City. She had ten siblings. At the …

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  • Day Of Reconciliation

    Poem in Honor of April 2 – The Day of Reconciliation

    Day of Reconciliation Examining this day takes some circumnavigation It’s not about commercialization And definitely not about disassociation Not embracing it may lead to dehumanization   If you had a tiff because of misinterpretation Or a fight because of miscommunication You don’t need overcompensation What you …

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  • Matilda Gage

    Matilda Joslyn Gage

    In honor of Women’s History Month: Matilda Electa Joslyn, born March 24, 1826 in Cicero, New York. She was a leading figure in the suffrage movement. In 1845, she married Henry Hill Gage and they had five children. Matilda and Henry were active in the …

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  • Dr. Bushnell

    Interesting News Article from 1887

    This week in 1887 the following news story weas reported: Last night Dr. Kate Bushnell lectured to a large congregation of ladies at the Friends South 8th Street meetinghouse on “Social Purity.” Dr. Bushnell is a tall, slender lady, with a searching eye, a broad, …

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